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I am a 20 year veteran teacher who is disgusted at our government's insistence at testing our students to death. I will be examining new, creative educational systems and techniques that can be used in both school and after school settings.

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Making Math More Meaningful - the ATOMIC Conference, 2015 - (13:17) 6.08 MB
Today, I was an attendee at the ATOMIC (Associated Teachers of Math in CT) conference. This is what I got out of this amazing series of presentations...

Learning History on the USS Massachusetts - (11:16) 5.16 MB
With all the focus on the Common Core, Social Studies and History have been left out of the loop. As a result, teachers of these subjects end up teaching to standards that are not completely relevant to their subjects. If education is to join the 21st century, we need to allow these teachers creative control over their content and presentation.

Learning Math with Casper - (5:21) 2.45 MB
Creative math education - how should we teach students in school? I feel that we need to teach students using creative, exciting projects that promote learning, not the one-size-fits-all, standardized testing type of teaching we have been moving towards.

New Education for the Modern World - (4:21) 3.99 MB
We have moved into the 21st century, but education has remained stuck in the 20th century. If we are to succeed as an educated public, our teaching practices need to change with the times.